by Martin Gilmore


(Martin Gilmore Timtomtodd music, ASCAP)

Caroline, We never saw California
We never walked hand in hand
On some moonlit beach
We never fell in love, Never had a romance in Paris
And soon you were gone
And we were out of reach

Caroline I know we had our moments
There were times I think we knew
We were closer than that
Oh and me, I wish I was in Oklahoma
On the road back to you
Back when there was a chance

Caroline, I miss you so
I miss you more than you could ever hope to know
You are my girl, the sweetest in the world
Oh Caroline

Caroline, I can’t help but love you
And I’ve tried to let you go
Because you’re gone
And It’s on my mind the night that you kissed me
The one night you were mine
Out on my lawn

There was a halo, round your head
You are an angel but I never said
Caroline, I love you I need you
Oh Caroline I do

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