by Martin Gilmore

Don’t Talk About Hard Times

(Martin Gilmore Timtomtodd music, ASCAP)

Well the wind would blow the fields away in clouds tall as the sun
Sweep across the western plains and settle in the lungs
Of the ones who tried their best to make a living from the land
And the earth on which they hoped to live would end up killing them

Don’t cry about hard times
You ain’t seen no hard times before

So they’d build a little shack of wood a floor that’s made of dust
And the little that they worked to save they’d put in a bank and trust
And through the drought, through storms, those blizzards black as night
They’d assure themselves they will survive come the end of ‘29

So Frankie came and saw the pain the country suffered through
The farmers in Tennessee got electricity and food
The TVA the CCC Security for the old
But none needed more or suffered more than the one’s in the dust bowl

And so he said, and so he sang, and so he told us all
This land is ours and when it’s gone the rest of us will fall
He told their stories, he felt their pain and he said how to survive
And somehow they came through what was the worst of the hard times

Lost Alone In Your Love

If you’ve ever been lost somewhere
Then you’ll know exactly how I feel today
Course I ain’t really lost got to know where you’re going first to get that way
I guess that makes me a rambler riding on the plains
And lately I been a thinking I’d come home again
Then I find I’m lost in your love

If you’ve ever been lost somewhere
Trying to find someone to find you
You’ll know what I mean
Sweetheart I miss you but I’m scared of coming home to you
Cause I’ve been gone for so long
And I think that coming home would be wrong
Can’t you see I’m lost in your love

So I’ll just keep ambling round this open range
Sleeping ‘neath the stars thinking of you again
Should I come home or should I stay away
Honey I love you still, but I’m still to lost to say
I’m coming home, so I’m alone lost in your love

If you’ve ever been lost somewhere
You’ll do anything you can to find your way
So I guess I should try
Sorry I hurt you so, I guess I’ll come find my way back home
I hope you staid
I’ve always been a rambler ambling on the western plains
Going’ back to the Kentucky Mountains to be with you again
And maybe I’ll get lost in your love

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