by Martin Gilmore

Jenny and Jackson

(Martin Gilmore Timtomtodd music, ASCAP)

Jenny and Jackson they fell in love
Somewhere in a cabin by the glow of a stove
Somewhere in the mountains in the weeks before the spring
Before the mountain tulips bloomed and the birds began to sing

They spent each night together keeping form the cold
They spent each day surviving, feeding their stove
Jackson went out hunting and Jenny kept him fed
And every night they’d sing a song before they went to bed

And the lyrics flowed like fire, it kept them safe and warm
The music seemed from heaven sent, and lent shelter from the storm
They stayed right there together keeping from the cold
That’s how Jackson and Jenny fell so deeply in love

The winter had come early no one was prepared
The river was frozen solid and a north wind froze the air
She’d come down from the highlands blinded by the snow
She didn’t know how she’d found the way to Jackson’s door

She’d run out of food and water, her roof began to fall
She couldn’t keep her fire lit so she went to face the storm
She felt a hand to guide her and followed where it led
To Jackson’s tiny cabin, in the mountain woods


Now it’s been four years and twenty since the winter of that storm
Since Jackson and Jenny fell so deeply in love
Since the town folks found the cabin and the fire that had died
And found Jackson frozen and Jenny by his side

But now up on the mountain in the weeks before the spring
All the birs are silent but you’ll still hear something sing
Some say it’s the crickets, some say it’s the wind
I say it’s two lovers, safe in a cabin

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