by Martin Gilmore

Old Time

(Martin Gilmore Timtomtodd music, ASCAP)

What’s wrong with taking it slow
Sitting on a bench by some country road
Just sitting there watching the old wind blow
Talking to the people as the come and go
Sometimes I wonder who would survive
If all our gadgets and gizmos just up and died
And we were left with candles and firelight
Fiddles and banjos instead of Leno’s late night

Old time these days they’re calling it old school
Maybe I’m just an old fool who wants something to hold
These days everything’s a moving at a fast pace
Rockin’ and a grooving can’t keep up with the change
So I’m taking it slow

So much to want we forget what we need
We’re moving way faster than an average speed
Stuck in a gridlock wanting the best
Living with worries and dying of stress
So much to do it’ll go to your head
Can’t stop now you can sleep when you’re dead
Take some time to take it in
Trust your neighbors and love your friends

Time told with faces and hands
Dinner made in a pot or a pan
Instead of stuck in a wrapper and made to be fast
Things to recycle but not to last
The snap and the crackle of an old LP
Movies on a reel not a DVD
It’s to hot I’ll just stay in
No time to walk I can go to the gym

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