by Martin Gilmore

Streets of New York

(Martin Gilmore Timtomtodd music, ASCAP)

I sailed west across the ocean my destination was New York,
I enlisted in the army in time to fight the civil war.
I didn’t have a reason, no particular side or cause
‘cept I was starving to death on the streets of New York and
that’s the only job there was.

Fought on the fields at Antietam, and the hills at Gettysburg
Amongst the ranks of the men at Shiloh and I watched Atlanta Burn.
And when it all was over and the country took its rest,
I stayed in the Army, and the Army sent me west


But I didn’t leave my homeland to die upon the plains.
I didn’t join the army to be sleeping in the rain.
I know I don’t belong here at this distant western fort,
But I suppose it’s better than starving to death on the streets
of New York

Well the Dawn just lit the morning, two weeks on the march
I heard a cry from the south of the camp and the Indians made their charge.
The men all made the scramble, but it was to no avail
And I got separated from the rest of the group as we followed
the Indians trail.

Now I’ve been twelve days lost upon the range, I hope
someone finds me soon
I can hear a lonely prairie wolf howling at a harvest moon
I’m lost alone and hungry, there’s storm clouds to the north
And I can’t help but wish that I was back in New York


First Verse

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