by Martin Gilmore

Won't You Come Home

(Martin Gilmore Timtomtodd music, ASCAP)

Hey there brother you know who this is?
How are things going? How are the kids?
I hope that you’re all doing fine
We miss you all a lot around here
So I was calling to see if you could make it this year
Please don’t say you can’t find the time

You know that dad’s been sad since mother died
And he’s getting older health is starting to slide
And he asked me if I’d talked to you recently
I told him I had but you know I lied
That’s why I called you tonight
To see if you could make it back here this year


Hey there brother what do you say are you gonna come
home this year
Don’t you know that you ain’t been home since mother died
I don’t know what else to say but you know that dad he’s in
a bad way
And I know that he’d love to see you again before he crosses
to the other side.

I know that we had our fights
and you and dad crossed maybe once or twice
but you know that he still loves you despite it all
He’s been thinking a lot about his past
And his mind is fading pretty fast
And I think he’d like to talk before it’s gone

If you want me to apologize I will
Can’t believe that we’re fighting still
Don’t even remember what it was about
Hate to have to call you and beg
But I told him I’d ask and I can’t go back
And tell him that you said no

Won’t you come home
Won’t you come home


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