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Join my Patreon for monthly songs and practice tracks.

A new song every month with charts and lyrics as well as MP3 practice track and more!

Upcoming Classes

Swallow Hill

New session starts March 6th, 2024

- Intermediate Bluegrass Ensemble

- Swallow Hill Bluegrass Band

- Progressions starts in September 2024

   - Progressions: Bluegrass Guitar

   - Progressions: Songwriting

Wernick Method Bluegrass Camp @ Swallow Hill - TBA

University of Denver Enrichment Program

- 2024 - Feb. 7 - The Big Bang of Country Music: Jimmie Rodgers & The Carter Family.

Martin Gilmore teaches at the University of Northern Colorado, Swallow Hill Music Association, The University of Denver College Enrichment Program and in his own private studio.

University of Northern Colorado -

Swallow Hill Music Association -

University of Denver Enrichment Program

Private Studio - No regular availability. Contact for single lessons.

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