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This page has resources for my songwriting students and others who might just be curious.

I host or teach at many songwriting events.

Swallow Hill Song Circle - Thursdays at 7pm at Swallow Hill Music Association

Songwriting Santa Fe - September 28-October 2nd, 2023

Progressions: Songwriting - Swallow Hill Music Association - Now accepting applications for fall 2023. Inquire with me.


Contact me with questions and ideas!

Tips for Creativity

The Musical Alphabet

Diatonic Triad Chart



1000 Songwriting Ideas - Lisa Aschmann

Tunesmith - Jimmy Webb

Songwriters on Songwriting - Paul Zollo

Songwriter's Market 40th Edition - Cris Freese

The Complete Handbook of Songwriting - Mark & Cathy Liggett

Psychology of Music - Carl E. Seashore

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