Bluegrass Jam Standards

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Jam Along Recordings

I will post recordings of the songs we cover in class here on this page, along with lyrics and charts for each song. The key will be listed in the title. Each recording is just me playing and singing the song by myself. I just play rhythm in the breaks, so they are all yours.

Working on Solos

I'm an advocate for pickers trying to play the melody of the song. It is very hard to play the melody accurately on a song you have never heard before, but it is a skill you can improve with practice. With each of these recordings it would be a worthwhile endeavor to try to find a "simple" melody, meaning playing the melody as close as possible with quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes. Don't over-complicate it, just do the best you can. If you need, stop the recording, hum the melody slowly and try to pick it out on your instrument.


Sing Along

Even if you don't consider yourself a good singer, it's good to get into the practice of trying to hum the melody of the tune. It's often difficult to remember repertoire, and if you need your instrument to think about your music, that severely inhibits your practice time. If you can get the song in your head, you can practice it anywhere when you have a free moment. Though you may not be able to work on your technical licks, and specific picking techniques, having the song in your head allows you to think about song structure, phrasing, groove, feeling, etc. A lot of the artistry of playing music is in the way you approach the song, so learning to sing it will help you in other ways.

Class 1

Blueridge Cabin Home - G
On My Way Back to the Old Home - A
Nine Pound Hammer - G
Eight More Miles to Louisville - G
New River Train - D

Class 2

- Songs -

Bury Me Beneath the Willow - G
Cora is Gone - D
Salty Dog - G
Drink Up and Go Home - C
Old Home Place

Class 3

- Songs -

Love of the Mountains - A
Walls of Time - Bb
Live and Let Live - G
Lonesome Pine - G
Pick Me Up on Your Way Down - E
Little Maggie - A