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"East-West" CD featuring Martin Gilmore and Eslam El Abaty


Recorded in June 2017 during Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt, East-West is a fusion of American and Arabic folk music. The record features soundscapes collected from around Egypt, original and traditional music as well as a cover of Hamilton Camp's song "Pride of Man".


Produced by: Martin Gilmore and Essam El-Haggar

Engineered by: Ihab at El-Haggar Studios in Cairo, Egypt.


Special thanks to Ali El-Haggar.


1 - Maadi Road 83 [soundscape]

2 - Hadji Ali

3 - Bahariya

4 - Alexandria [Soundscape]

5 - Longa Yorro

6 - Sally in the Garden

7 - Cairo [Soundscape]

8 - Pride of Man

9 - Mokkatum

East-West - CD

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