Bluegrass Singing

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Class 1

- Singing in tune

- Finding the melody

- Repertoire

- Choosing a key

"Bury Me Beneath the Willow"

"On the Rock Where Moses Stood"

Class 3

- Harmony singing

- Finding the parts

- Blending the sounds

"On and On"

Class 2

- Bluegrass singing styles

- Great bluegrass singers

"Honey You Don't Know My Mind"

"Molly and Tenbrooks"

"A Face in the Crowd"

Class 4

- Leading the Song

-Listen to the singer

- The Blue Yodel

"Goodbye Old Pal"

"Muleskinner Blues"

"Doin' My Time"

Class 5

- "Will the Roses Bloom Where She Lies Sleeping"

- "Mansions for Me"

- "Worried Man Blues"

Class 7

- "Rank Strangers"

- "Get Down on Your Knees and Pray"

Class 6

- "Smoky Mountain Memories"

- "Kentucky"

Class 8

- Singing the repertoire" or Graduation