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Songwriting: In Depth

Class 1

Getting Started

1. What is a song?

2. The songwriting process.

3. Audience

4. Things to keep in mind

     a.) Songwriting is hard.

     b.) Songwriting is decision making

     c.) Don't edit while you create

     d.) No one hears it until you play it

     e.) You get better with practice.

Class 2

Writing Lyrics

1. Rhyme Scheme

2. Meter and Word Placement

3. Song Types

4. Character

5. Lyrics and Audience

Exercises - Free Writing, Rhyming, New words to old songs

Poetics - Wikipedia

Class 3


1. The Musical Alphabet

2. Triads - Different Keys

3. Tonic, Pre-dominant, Dominant Chords

4. Melodic Imagery

5. Matching Music to Lyrics

6. Melodies and Form

Exercises - Match Chords to Lyrics, Melodic Lines, New Melodies to Old Songs

Class 4

Form and Formula

1. Song Forms

2. Form Sections

3. Real-estate

4. Using Form as Imagery

5. Established Forms

Exercises - Song Form Worksheets

Class 5

More to come...

Content will be added as it is developed. Stay tuned!


Welcome songwriters! This class is an overview of songwriting and the songwriting process. It is meant for new writers and experienced writers, and there should be plenty of material for all of you.

All you will need for this class is a notebook and a pen or pencil. We will explore the elements of songwriting, where to find inspiration, and the work it takes to make a song.

Thanks for joining me!

Class Session Videos

- Class 1

- Class 2

- Class 3

- Class 4

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