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Martin Gilmore Music - November 2023

Happy Fall!

It snowed here in Denver this week, and I came home from tour to a front yard full of leaves. We all scurried to get everything (sort of) winterized before the storm. But it’s here now, and we are staying warm and cozy in our little house. I hope you are staying warm as well and looking forward to the fall season. Keep the light as we head into the dark season.

What a great tour I had through the High Plains Public Radio broadcasting region. I was so honored to be part of their artists residency program bringing live music to small communities on the plains. HPPR’s broadcasting area is basically the region that was the American Dust Bowl from the 1930s. It was great to meet everyone out on the road. I made many new friends, saw some interesting sites, had a couple of adventurous moments, ate some amazing food, and came home inspired with new song ideas. If you want to read more about the tour head over to my Blog and for extra in-depth information sign up for my Patreon and read my top-ten list from my tour. Contributors at every tier ($5 and up) have access to that.

There are a lot of exciting things happening this month. I’ll be opening for Andy Mann & Eli West on November 2nd at the Jamestown Mercantile in Jamestown, Colorado at 7pm. There are still tickets available for this show and it would be awesome to pack the place. If you’ve never been to the Merc or if you have never seen Andy and Eli I highly recommend this show. I’m excited to be part of it. I will be opening for them again on November 3rd at the Stone Cottage Studios in Boulder, Colorado at 7pm. I think this show is sold out, but it might be worth calling to see if anything opens up. It’s a great venue and I’m looking forward to being on that stage.

The next week I will be doing a run of shows with Julie and John Pennell around Tennessee. We will be playing Betsy House concert in Rockford, Tennessee at 7pm EST on November 8th, 2023. We will be at the World Famous Station Inn in Nashville, Tennessee on November 9th, 2023 starting at 9pm. That show will feature special guests and musical collaborators. I’m excited to be there with my friends. If you’re in the Nashville area stop by for this show, and if you’ve never been to Nashville, this might be a good excuse to come…ha! I love John and Julie’s songs and it’s always fun to play music with them.

On November 16th I will be playing at Swallow Hill with the University of Northern Colorado Bluegrass Ensemble at 7pm. The Swallow Hill Bluegrass Band and the guitarists from my Progressions: Bluegrass Guitar class will also be performing. Come and support these folks in some of their first public performances. It’s free to the public but please support Swallow Hill by purchasing something at the Cafe.

I’m excited for some teaching opportunities this month as well. On November 4th I will be part of Poetry Fest at the the Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver. I will be part of a discussion panel and will conduct a seminar about songwriting for non-songwriters. I studied poetry in college a little bit and it’s always fun to get to be part of these kinds of gatherings. If you are a creative person (even if you don’t consider yourself a writer) I would encourage you to come. I’m always creatively inspired after things like this.

I’m also teaching a Wernick Method Jam Camp at Swallow Hill starting on November 19th. It runs for four Sundays (skipping the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend) and will focus on bluegrass jamming skills, repertoire development, playing basic solos, finding people to jam with, harmony singing, and so much more. These are great places for closet pickers to get out there and meet some folks to make music. It’s a friendly, supportive atmosphere and you will be playing bluegrass music within the very first hour of class. I’m excited to meet all the new students and if you’re interested in being part of it I hope you will come!

I’m so excited to go to Nashville. It’s such an inspiring musical place. Every time I’m there it makes me want to practice more, learn new songs, write music, and work to be a better musician. I’ve been to the Station Inn many times, but I’m especially excited to be there with my friends John and Julie. I’m grateful that they asked me to come along.

Stay warm out there and enjoy autumn.

See you in December!


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