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Martin Gilmore Music - September 2023


What a busy summer it has been for me! I’m thankful for a long weekend with only one local gig, and a chance to recover from this pesky cough that has been with me for the last two weeks of shows.

August was fantastic fun. The Martin Gilmore Trio played a great concert in Bayfield, Colorado at the beginning of the month. We played shows in Nebraska, Wyoming, and Kansas as well as concerts in Westcliffe and Idaho Springs, Colorado. In between all of that I had some nice private gigs, and it’s always fun to play the Farmer’s Market in Brush, Colorado (I’ll be back there again this month). We were excited to be back at the Tumbleweed Festival in Garden City, Kansas, and we are still talking about the cow-tongue flag football game we saw in Nebraska. This musical life is quite an adventure. Nick Amodeo and I had a long discussion about how we should start a podcast where musicians just talk about the crazy gigs they have played. It’s what we talk about anyway. Would you listen to something like that?

September already huh? Hard to believe.

I’ll be playing a Sensory Friendly Concert at Swallow Hill Music on September 9th at 11am. The Kennedy Center defines sensory friendly performances as being “designed to create a performing arts experience that is welcoming to all families with children with autism or with other disabilities that create sensory sensitivities.” In practical terms that means Swallow Hill will keep the lights up and the volume down so individuals and their families can move around, dance, and sing along in a fun, judgment-free environment.Instead of clapping the audience usually snaps their fingers or waves their hands. These are really cool concerts and I’m always excited to be part of this programming. Admission is free to the public.

September 10th I’ll be at the Belleview Beer garden starting at 11am for their “People & Produce” event. It’s a farmers market with local vendors and produce, and I’ll be playing some local music. I haven’t had many Denver gigs this summer so it will be nice to be close to home for those two gigs that weekend.

September 13th I will be back in Brush, Colorado playing outside at the East Morgan County Library on their lawn from starting around 5pm. If you’re in the area bring a lawn chair or a blanket and join me out under the beautiful big trees!

School is back in session, and I am back at Swallow Hill teaching in-depth guitar classes and leading bluegrass ensembles. The Swallow Hill Song Circle will be starting back up after a short break, and I’m looking forward to writing and workshopping songs with people. If you’re a songwriter, come and join us on Thursday evenings at 7pm to share your stuff! Keep an eye out for concerts featuring the University of Northern Colorado Bluegrass Ensemble and the Swallow Hill Bluegrass Band. We will be playing sometime in November, perhaps even in a joint concert!

If you haven’t already, head over to my YouTube channel. I post songs, lessons, and other things there and have been steadily gaining followers. I’d love to have you all as part of that community, it’s a great place to share music and tips about playing music. There’s a lot more to come so please check it out!

My sister is getting married on September 23rd and I couldn’t be happier for her. I’m very much looking forward to her wedding and being part of the beginning of this new chapter of her life. I want to say a quick congratulations to her and her fiance John!

Hang in there, autumn is on its way.


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