May Songwriting Prompts

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Write a song about the last frost

Write a song about later sunsets and earlier sunrises

We build relationships with things we own. Cars are one of those things. Write a song about your relationship with your car.

Write a song about being outside

Write a song about new leaves on the trees

Many years ago I broke a wine glass at a party thrown by some people who were really cool. I was so happy to have been invited that I got nervous and was terribly embarrassed about breaking the glass. What is something that you are embarrassed about but probably doesn’t matter anymore?

Write a song telling the story of your favorite movie

Write a song in the style of Jason Mraz

Write a song about empty passenger planes

Write a song about facing your fears

Write a song about bravery

Write a patriotic song

Write a protest song

Write a song about freedom

Write a song using only lines from the newspaper

Find a photo, series of photos, or drawings of a building or house that you love. Write a song describing it.

Write a song for your mother about her father

Write a song about mothers

Write a song about the difference between your relationship with your mother and a sibling relationship with your mother.

Write a song about your childhood home

Write a song about your happiest childhood memory

Write a song about fishing

Write a song about camping in the desert

Write a children’s song about two camels in a caravan

Write a children’s song about a train

Write a song about a road trip (i.e. “Route 66”, “By the Time I Get To Phoenix”)

Write a song about returning to something

Write a song about your neighbor

Write a song with a minor-major-7th chord in it.

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