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Song So Sad

Years ago I gave myself a goal to write and record a song each week and post it online. It was incredibly hard to keep up with that schedule at the time, and several of the songs I wrote weren't fantastic (that's being generous). But this one was catchy, and the story was weird, and it grew and grew on me.

Sometimes songs I write are like that. I don't like them at first, but then over time I get to know them better and like them more and more. Similarly, there are songs I write that I liked at first, but over time I get tired of them or realize they don't quite work the way I hope.

The original recording of this song (recorded the week I wrote it) featured Courtney Hartman on guitar and harmony vocals. I booked her to record it with me and wrote it with her style and overall vibe in mind. She has gone on to be a force of music, and one of the great guitar players in acoustic music. You should definitely check her out if you don't know who she is.

On the trio recording I played my Arrow octave mandolin built by Paul Lestock along the shores of the Columbia River in Oregon. I called Courtney back to come record harmonies and it turned out really great.

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