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Welcome to my songwriting blog! I am an instructor of songwriting at Swallow Hill Music Association in Denver, Colorado where I have offered songwriting classes since 2008. I also am an instructor of guitar at the University of Northern Colorado in the Folk and Bluegrass Department. Recently, Swallow Hill has started offering a songwriters circle as an opportunity for songwriters to get some objective feedback about their work, or maybe just some new ideas.

Since I am hosting these events I thought I would offer an online resource for those who might be interested in songwriting ideas and writing prompts, etc. I share these things at our event, but I thought folks who can't attend might also like to have access to them. It will also provide an archive of ideas to build from.

I also will share thoughts, instructional materials, articles, interviews, and various other things I find of interest about songwriting, so stay tuned!

Let's write some songs!

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