November, 2019 - Songwriting Prompts

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Write a song beginning with the words “I’m Grateful”

Write a song with the title “Thankful everyday”

Write a song imagining fall colors

Write a song about changing seasons

Write a song after reading Robert Frost’s poem “Mending Wall”

Write a song about Howard Hugh’s “Spruce Goose”

Write a song about Daniel Boone (who was born in November)

Write a song about Mother Francis Xavier Cabrini

Write a song in the form of a letter

Write a song about a memory of your mother in the autumn

Write a song with the imagery of falling leaves

Write a song about the cruel cold

Write a song that is a conversation over tea

Write a song about making soup

Write a song about baking

Write a song about your sister and you raking leaves

Write a song about evergreen trees

Write a song about the first thanksgiving

Write a song about someone spending thanksgiving away from their family

Write a song about your feelings of changing seasons

Write a song about the looming winter

Write a song with the verse starting on Dm and the chorus starting on Am

Write a song on an instrument you don’t know how to play

Write a song about a friend reaching out for help

Write a song about turkey and cranberries

Write a song about tradition

Write a holiday song about Family

Write a kid’s song about a turkey.

Write a song about a snow day

Write a song about traveling during the holidays

*This idea was adapted from Lisa Aschmann's book 1000 Songwriting Ideas. If you're looking for a lot more like this definitely buy her book. I can't recommend it enough. Click here for a link to her site. Her book is available from Hal Leonard at this link:

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